I would love to see a MWS live-action movie. I need to see it. I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • AJ would narrate the story
  • AJ would chew gum in class and shoot paper airplanes and pass notes and not understand idioms, alongside his good buddies, Ryan, Michael, Alexia, and Neil.
  • Andrea would be more mean to AJ than she is in the books.
  • Emily would cry a little less and instead get mad at AJ
  • Andrea and her clique would wear the same school uniforms.
  • AJ's friends would tease him whenever he does the slightest thing with Andrea.
  • Andrea would kiss AJ in the beginning-middle and AJ would fall crazy in love.
  • AJ would spend less time with his friends and more time trying to get Andrea to love him.
  • Andrea would continuously bully AJ.
  • AJ's friends would spread rumors to the class.
  • The class would laugh at AJ at whatever he says, and they laugh when the gang spreads the rumors.
  • Aj would get mad and challenge them to a fight.
  • The kids watch the war.
  • AJ and his friends would punch and kick and bite and hit each other.
  • Andrea and Emily would get into it too.
  • The seven kids are all sent to Mr. Klutz's office.
  • YOU THINK UP WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!