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    Ms.Lizzy is Dizzy

    August 16, 2012 by SleepAddicter21

    This is my favorite My Weird School Daze' 'book series: Ms.Lizzy is Dizzy .It's an interesting book. I'll show you a few pages in the book:

    Chapter 1:The Lockdown

    My name is AJ and I hate school.It was Friday,one of my favorite days of the week. Do you know why Friday is one of my favorite days?Because the next day is Saturday.And then comes Sunday.And on Saturday and Sunday there's no school.Yay!My teacher is Mr.Granite.He's from another planet,but he's always talking about our environment."Always recycle your plastic bottles,"Mr.Granite told us."Because plastic bottles can be made into plastic lawn furniture.And plastic lawn furniture can be made back into plastic bottles.And plastic bottles and plastic lawn furniture can be made into plastic…

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