Here is a list of teachers and non-teachers that appeared in the books.

Mr. Klutz - Principal

Mrs. Daisy - 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Roopy - Librarian

Ms. Hannah - Art Teacher

Miss Small - Phys. Ed Teacher

Mr. Loring - Music Teacher

Mr. Hynde - Former Music Teacher

Mrs. Cooney - Nurse

Ms. LaGrange - Lunch Lady

Ms. Lazar - Custodian

Mr. Docker - Science Teacher

Mrs. Kormel - Bus Driver

Ms. Todd - Former Substitute Teacher

Mrs. Patty - School Secretary

Ms. Holly - Spanish Teacher

Mr. Macky - Reading Teacher

Ms. Coco - Gifted and Talented Students' Teacher

Miss Suki - Author

Mrs. Yonkers - Computer Teacher

Dr. Carbles - President of the Board of Education/ Former Principal

Mr. Louie - Crossing Guard

Ms. Krup - Museum Director

Mrs. Dole - Ryan's Mom

Mr. Sunny - Lifeguard

Mr. Granite - Former 3rd Grade Teacher

Coach Hyatt - Coach

Officer Spence - School Security Guard

Mrs. Jafee - Vice Principal

Dr. Brad - Counselour

Miss Laney - Speech Teacher

Mrs. Lizzy - Former Recess Enrichment Program teacher

Ms. Mary - Former Student Teacher

Mr. Tony - After-School Program Teacher

Ms. Leakey - Former Health Teacher

Miss Child - Zookeeper

Mr. Harrison - Technician

Mrs. Lilly - Newspaper Writer

Mr. Burke - School Groundskeeper

Ms. Beard - Director and Owner of  a pork sausage shop

Mayor Hubble - Former Mayor

Miss Kraft - Clown and Magician

Dr. Nicholas - Former History Teacher

Ms. Sue - Alexia's Mom

Mr. Jack - Self-Defense Teacher

Miss Lane - Talent Coach

Miss Klute - Therapy Dog

Mr.Cooper- New 3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Cuddy- Digital Media Arts Teacher

Miss Brown- Creativity Expert

Mrs. Meyer - Safety Expert

Mr. Nick - Substitute Principal

Miss Joni - Photographer

Mrs. Master - Inventor

Miss Tracy - Astronomer

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