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Ryan Dole


8 (My Weird School)
9 (My Weird School Daze & My Weirder School)




Michael Robinson
Neil Crouch
Alexia Juarez

Frenemies / Enemies

Andrea Young
Emily Pucket


Mrs. Dole (Mother)
Unknown Father

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Ella Mentry Elementary School

Ryan Dole or also known as Ryan (born March 3, 1995) is a supporting protagonist of the series. He is AJ's best friend and is African American.

He hates school. He likes PeeWee football, dirt bikes, Fizz Ed, and eating. He has ate numerous non-food objects (dirt, seat cushions, bugs, etc.) throughout the series. He is eight years old and in the second grade in the first series and is nine years old and in the third grade throughout the second and third series.

His best friends are AJ and Michael Robinson. His close friends are Neil Crouch and Alexia Juarez. His enemies / frenemies are Emily Pucket and Andrea Young.

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  • He would eat anything, even stuff that isn't food nor edible stuff.
  • In Mrs. Kormel is Not Normal he ate a seat cushion with ketchup so he wouldn't starve to death, he says a person stranded on an airplane once ate a seat cushion to survive, so he copied that person when Mrs. Kormel's bus got lost in the middle of nowhere
  • He has eaten dirt, bugs, seat cushion, and more non-food / non-edible stuff.
  • His mother (Mrs. Dole) is the president of the PTA, and he is embarassed by it.
  • His mother (Mrs. Dole) beat Andrea Young's mother in the PTA president election, causing rivalry between Ryan and Andrea.
  • Ryan threw A.J.'s Striker Smith action figure out of the School bus in Mrs. Kormel Is Not Normal!
  • He often says "Oh, snap!" when someone says something mean, such as whenever AJ says "So's your face" to Andrea or when Andrea comes up with something better.