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Neil Stanley Crouch
or also known as Neil (born June 12, 1995) is a supporting protagonist of the series.He is AJ's close friend.

Personality Edit

He hates school. He likes PeeWee football ,dirt bikes, Fizz Ed, and almost everything else AJ likes. He is called the nude kid even though he wears clothes, where he was mistaken from the "new kid". He is friends with AJ but not like Michael and Ryan who make fun of AJ.

Apperances Edit

He made his first appearance in Mrs. Kormel is Not Normal!,when the school bus gets a flat tire on a detour to pick up the "nude kid" which turned out to be the "new kid". They finally met Neil after approaching in school. He is eight years old in (My Weird School) and is nine years old in (My Weird School Daze & My Weirder School.)

.His close friends are AJMichael RobinsonRyan Dole and
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Alexia Juarez.His enemies/frenemies are Andrea Young and Emily Pucket.  

 == Trivia ==

  • He is allowed to kneel, stand, and crouch on the bus because his name is Neil Stan Crouch. 
  • He is never seen on any of the covers on the book. Neil also has a pet ferret named Mr. Wiggles.