Humorous books by Dan Gutman.


A.J., a second grader at Ella Mentry School, has adventures in there with his friends and Andrea---his secret love.


A.J. - The main character in the book series. His books start like "My name is A.J., and I hate school". He is friends with everyone except Andrea and Emily.

Alexia - Appears in My Weirder School series and is A.J.'s friends--and also secret love.

Andrea - The protagonist of the book series. It's smart and A.J.'s secret crush.

Emily - Is Andrea's best friend. Is describe as a "crybaby" because whenever A.J. says something mean, she cries and runs out of a room, wherever she is.

Michael - Is another of A.J.'s friend. He is noticed for never tying his shoes and wears glasses.

Neil - Is too A.J.'s friend and nicknamed "nude kid". He also wears glasses and has his hair the same as Michael.

Ryan - A.J.'s another friend and will eat anything.

Miss Daisy - A.J's homeroom teacher in my weird school and My Weirder School from Miss Daisy Is Crazy! to Mr. Granite Is From Another Planet!.

Mr. Granite - A.J's homeroom teacher from Mr. Granite Is From Another Planet! to Mr. Cooper Is Super! from My Weirder School to My Weirdest School.

"Annette, Lindsay, Julie" - Andrea's friends and AJ's classmates


  1. Miss Mitsy Is Ditsy!
  2. Mr. Putty Is Nutty!
  3. Mrs. Julia Is Peculiar!
  4. Mrs. Murphy is Derpy!

My Weird SchoolEdit

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My Weird School (2004-2008)Edit

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Title Release date
1 Miss Daisy Is Crazy! June 29, 2004
2 Mr. Klutz Is Nuts! June 29, 2004
3 Mrs. Roopy Is Loopy! September 7, 2004
4 Ms. Hannah Is Bananas! November 9, 2004
5 Mrs. Small Is Off the Wall! January 4, 2005
6 Mr. Hynde Is Out Of His Mind! March 29, 2005
7 Mrs. Cooney Is Loony! May 31, 2005
8 Ms. LaGrange Is Strange! September 6, 2005
9 Miss Lazar Is Bizarre! October 25, 2005
10 Mr. Docker Is Off His Rocker! January 3, 2006
11 Mrs. Kormel Is Not Normal! February 28, 2006
12 Ms. Todd Is Odd! May 30, 2006