Miss LaGrange is Strange is the eighth book in the My Weird School series.


The new lunch lady at Ella Mentry Elementary School, Ms. LaGrange, writes secret messages in the mashed potatoes and tries her best to get AJ and the other students to eat healthy foods.


The book begins with AJ at the cafetorium, discussing with his friends whether they hate school or vegetables more. The three of them decide to fool around. AJ shoots a straw wrapper at Andrea, and when it hits her, she knocks her apple juice onto the floor, and when Emily walks by, she slips on the juice and knocks over a whole rack of lunch trays. Emily then complains that she bumped her mouth and has a loose tooth. Suddenly, the lunch lady, Mrs. McGillicuddy, comes over and complains that the kids can't behave, when she slips on the juice as well. Mrs. McGillicuddy is so mad, that she decides that she's had enough with the kids' shenanigans and declares that she quits. The kids don't know who the lunch lady will be the next day, so they worry, but AJ brings sugary snacks just in case.