This is the second book the Weird School Daze series.


2nd graders have graduated to 3rd grade.AJ and his family rent a beach house for the summer.They meet Mr. Sunny ,the lifeguard.He is buliding the largest sand castle .Andrea and the AJ gang then move in .Andrea falls in love with Mr Sunnybut he is addicted to the sanderpiece.So Andrea pretend to drown to grab Mr Sunny's attention.However,at the time there is a real shark!Mr Sunny.not knowing Andrea is in trouble,saves the people.Then Andrea was really having a cramp and really drowning!AJ saves her,KISSES her then saves Mr. Sunny (who is really drowning).The gang also meet Mr. Granite,who is mentioned to be a long distance swimmer from Australia.However, when the judges come,Mr Granite ruins the sanderpiece when parasailing then Mr Sunny was really mad.The gang also find out that Mr Granite will be their teacher.