Mr. Loring is the music teacher in Ella Mentry Elementary School.  He made his first appearance in Mr. Hynde is Out of His Mind. When Mr. Loring had to retire for a bit, Mr. Hynde took Mr. Loring's place. At the end of the book, Mr. Loring is rehired after Mr. Hynde leaves Ella Mentry Elementary School to become a famous rapper.


He has gray hair, wears a suit with a tie and has wrinkles all over his face. In a book,he is mentioned to be short, but in Mr. Hynde is Out of His Mind, he is pretty tall. He is predicted in his 50s.


He was the music teacher, until Mr Klutz found Mr Hynde to replace him. After Mr Hynde became a famous rapper, he took his place again.

He teaches boring stuff like rhythm and nothing Emily like.

He is the only teacher in the books who hasn't had his own book.

In comparison, he is more calm and old-school than the eccentric and outgoing Mr. Hynde.

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