Mr.Hynde is the weirdest music teacher ever.Mr Klutz firest fires Mr. Loring who is boring,then finds him as a replacement.


He is predicted in his 19-25s and wears a cap , glasses and a cool hairstyle.


He raps and sings all the time,and hates mozart and irving berlin and other boring composers.He likes funk music and raps raps and raps.He was born a rapper.He even made Mr. Klutz rap and bongo on his bald head.Only Andrea and Emily dislikes him because he's way too informal.He even thinks words on the spot,plays guitar,sings country ,folk,pop and opera pop and rap songs.At the last,much to everybody's disappointment,he leaves for American Idol and takes the title and the gold trophy.However,he focuses in rapping and singing,producing his own albums so he no longer takes care and teaches the kids.So in the end,Mr Klutz got back boring snoring Mr Loring.

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