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Miss Lazar is BizarreMiss Mary is ScaryMiss Newman Isn't Human
Miss Small Is Off the WallMiss Suki is KookyMiss Tracy Is Spacey
Mr.KlutzMr. Burke is BerserkMr. Cooper is Super
Mr. Docker is Off His RockerMr. Granite Is From Another PlanetMr. Harrison is Embarrasin'
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Mr. Louie is ScrewyMr. MackyMr. Macky is Wacky
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Mr Granite is from another PlanetMrs. Cooney is LoonyMrs. Dole
Mrs. Dole is Out of ControlMrs. Jafee is DaffyMrs. Kormel is Not Normal
Mrs. Lane is a PainMrs. Lilly is SillyMrs. Lizzy is Dizzy
Mrs. Master Is a DisasterMrs. McGillicuddyMrs. Meyer is On Fire
Mrs. PattyMrs. Patty is BattyMrs. Roopy is Loopy
Mrs. Yonkers is BonkersMrs. YoungMrs Kormel
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