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Andrea Young

Emily Pucket, also known as Emily (born 1995) is a supporting character of the series.

She has blonde hair. She hates scary stuff. She loves school, teachers, nice people, healthy food, and everything Andrea likes. When she's scared, worried, or insulted she will run out of a room and cry. She is eight years old and in the second grade in the first series and is nine years old and in the third grade throughout the second and third series.

Her best friend is Andrea Young, which she likes to copy. Her enemies or frenemies are AJ, Ryan Dole, Michael Robinson, Neil Crouch and Alexia Juarez (possibly)



  • She loves school, just like her friend Andrea.
  • She likes everything Andrea likes
  • She is very sensitive and cries over every little thing, causing AJ to call her "Crybaby"
  • AJ made up a poem about her : I see London, I see France, I see Emily's underpants, in which Emily hears it, and runs out of the room crying.
  • Even though the books say she has red hair, she actually has blond hair, so the text in the books that describe what color her hair is is incorrect.
  • Emily was hit in the head with a stick by A.J. when he was trying to break a pinata in Miss Holly Is Too Jolly!
  • She was attacked by a raptor in Mrs. Suki is Kooky! With trying to accessorize herself with a mirror.