Dr. Brad Has Gone Mad is the seventh book in the My Weird School Daze series.


Ella Mentry Elementary School counselor Dr. Brad believes wisecracking AJ is a genius and subjects him to some very weird tests to find out for sure.


The book begins with AJ overhearing Andrea talk about her new necklace. Andrea tells Emily that she loves to accessorize, but AJ doesn't know what that means. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Andrea answers the door, and Mrs. Patty comes in and asks AJ to come down to the principal's office. AJ's friends think that AJ might have done something wrong.

AJ thinks about the things that he did wrong, most of them involving Andrea. He walks down the hall to the principal's office, and when he walks in, he sees Mr. Klutz playing ping-pong with himself. When Mr. Klutz sees AJ, he tells him that playing Ping-Pong is a great way to relieve stress. AJ asks Mr. Klutz where he got the ping-pong table, and Mr. Klutz says that he rented it. Mr. Klutz talks to AJ and asks how his day has been going.

In the middle of their conversation, Ms. Coco comes in to talk to Mr. Klutz. Mr. Klutz tells AJ that Ms. Coco showed him some of his poetry, and he thinks they are very interesting. Ms. Coco and Mr. Klutz read one of AJ's poems, "Tomorrow's Window People". Surprisingly, the poem touches both of them, much to AJ's confusion. AJ knows that he didn't actually write the poem, and that he just made random poems by using flash cards that he threw up in the air, so he doesn't know why that the random-word poems he wrote moved Mr. Klutz and Ms. Coco to tears.

Mr. Klutz and Ms. Coco tell AJ that his poetry is amazing, and that they want to have him tested.


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