• JessicaFin23

    Hello, everyone. You're probably wondering why I don't contribute to this wiki as much as I used to. Well, it's because I'm not really interested in the My Weird School series anymore. I mean, I don't mind the series' playful jokes and lessons, but what I'm highly concerned of is the gender stereotypes.

    Parents need to know that Dan Gutman's popular My Weird School series is full of light, funny jokes about classmates, teachers, and the principal. Readers can see how the adults in the series behave in sneaky ways to trick the kids into doing more schoolwork, which is fun to watch unfold. That said, there's a consistent message that boys and "boy stuff" like sports are cool and that girls and "nerdy stuff" like being good at school are not. …

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  • JessicaFin23

    You know, since none of the admins on this wiki are available, and I have put all effort and hard work on this wiki by adding pages and editing existing ones, I should adopt this wiki and become an administrator. When I learned about wiki adoption, I have been adopting a few wikis that haven't been contributed to in the past few months. In May, I requested to adopt the Gravity Falls Fanon Wiki, and my request was approved in June. During that month, after I adopted the Gravity Falls Fanon Wiki, I decided to adopt the Junie B. Jones wiki. Since I can only adopt one wiki per month, I will be adopting the Angela Anaconda wiki this August, and maybe I'll adopt this wiki in September. I hope that everything will be all under control once I'm an…

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  • ZeDreamyPianist


    December 12, 2014 by ZeDreamyPianist

    I would love to see a MWS live-action movie. I need to see it. I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AJ would narrate the story
    • AJ would chew gum in class and shoot paper airplanes and pass notes and not understand idioms, alongside his good buddies, Ryan, Michael, Alexia, and Neil.
    • Andrea would be more mean to AJ than she is in the books.
    • Emily would cry a little less and instead get mad at AJ
    • Andrea and her clique would wear the same school uniforms.
    • AJ's friends would tease him whenever he does the slightest thing with Andrea.
    • Andrea would kiss AJ in the beginning-middle and AJ would fall crazy in love.
    • AJ would spend less time with his friends and more time trying to get Andrea to love him.
    • Andrea would continuously bully AJ.
    • AJ's friends would spread rumors t…

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  • White Kirby

    I swear where the heck are the admins of the wiki? this wiki is being vandalized. for example the wikis home page said this

    My Weird school is a book... HEY I don't go to my weird school I go to my boring school

    Anyways the new book is out called Mrs Daisy isn't crazy. She is drunk hahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha

    Ive seen more vandalisim like Ms. Child Has Gone Wild!was named "My child has gone wild"

    So ill help with restoring this wiki but admins should be aware of the wiki a bit and check on it unless the wiki has 2 users or something.

    Thanks--White Kirby (talk) 03:54, October 17, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SleepAddicter21

    Ms.Lizzy is Dizzy

    August 16, 2012 by SleepAddicter21

    This is my favorite My Weird School Daze' 'book series: Ms.Lizzy is Dizzy .It's an interesting book. I'll show you a few pages in the book:

    Chapter 1:The Lockdown

    My name is AJ and I hate school.It was Friday,one of my favorite days of the week. Do you know why Friday is one of my favorite days?Because the next day is Saturday.And then comes Sunday.And on Saturday and Sunday there's no school.Yay!My teacher is Mr.Granite.He's from another planet,but he's always talking about our environment."Always recycle your plastic bottles,"Mr.Granite told us."Because plastic bottles can be made into plastic lawn furniture.And plastic lawn furniture can be made back into plastic bottles.And plastic bottles and plastic lawn furniture can be made into plastic…

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