Billy is a nerd born in 1994. All of the rumors heard by AJ are from Billy, and he is 9 years old at the beginning of the series. He is mentioned in almost every book as of him telling a rumor by AJ.

Personality Edit

He hates school, just like AJ. He likes to spread rumors that are not true and has not been seen before, as he goes into another school. He seems to be a liar.

Interests Edit

He likes PeeWee football , Phys ed , dirt bikes , junk food , Icecream and everything AJ likes, which might be why they are friends. His personality is like a mad scientist, spreading fake rumors by friends. He seems to be a member of the Cool Boys club. He lives around the corner from AJ and frequently lies to AJ about rumors that are not true.

Role in My Weird School Edit

In Mrs. Patty is Batty Edit

When AJ and his friends first saw him they were screaming. Billy admitted it was him, and he left.

In Halloween, I'm Turning Green! Edit

When invited, Billy went trick or treating with AJ, Ryan Dole ,Michael Robinson ,Neil Crouch and Alexia Juarez as he dressed up as an underwear monster. He spread rumors about the mayor to the kids. He did not do anything else in the book.

Friends Edit

His best friends are AJ ,Ryan Dole, Michael Robinson, Neil Crouch, Alexia Juarez and Jimmy. His enemies are Andrea Young ,Emily Pucket ,Annette ,Julie and Lindsay (Andrea's Clique) .He thinks they are boring nerds like AJ, although he might have never met any of the clique before.