Billy is a nerd .He hates school .He likes PeeWee football , Phys ed ,Dirt bikes ,Junk food ,Ice cream and everything AJ likes .He is like a mad scientist .He is a member of the cool Boys club .He lives around the corner from AJ and frequently lies to AJ.He made his first appearance in Mrs .Patty is batty .When AJ and his friends saw him they were like aggggghhhhhhhhhh!Billy said it is me .He also made his appereance in it is Halloween i am turning green when trick or treating with AJ ,Ryan Dole ,Michael Robinson ,Neil Crouch and Alexia Juarez .He is 9 years old in the first series and is 10 years old in the third series .His best friends are AJ ,Ryan Dole,Michael Robinson ,Neil Crouch,Alexia Juarez and Jimmy .His enemies /frenemies are Andrea Young ,Emily Pucket ,Annette ,Julie and Lindsay .He thinks they are boring nerds .

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