Back to School, Weird Kids Rule is a My Weird School Special book.




  • The book is told in Andrea's point of view instead of AJ's.
  • There are also a few differences from AJ's narration and Andrea's narration. Here are some examples:
    • AJ starts books with "My name is AJ and I hate school (or something else he hates besides school)", but Andrea starts this book with "My name is Andrea and I love school".
    • At the end of each book, AJ recaps the events of the book and wonders what might happen next. When he recaps, he says "Maybe…" when he thinks that a certain predicament that happened might improve. His finishing sentence is "But it won't be easy!". When Andrea recaps the events, she says "I hope that…" as she thinks of her future goals, and finishes with "That will be easy!", indicating that she's more optimistic and goal-planning than AJ.


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