Annette is one of the classmates in AJ's class, and she is in Andreas Clique You can find her in Mr.Klutz is Nuts!, Ms.Todd is Odd!, Mr.Louie is Screwy! and a few other books. She has short brown hair that curls up to her neck and green eyes. She insisted that Lindsay was good about horses. Although she was a supporter character, you can find her more than two books. She was considered as the "kisser" to Michael Robinson, in Mr.Louie is Screwy! She also appeared in Dr Brad has gone Mad and Made a cameo in Mr. Harrison is Embarrassin in the [vomitouri. Her friends are Lindsay, Julie, Emily and Andrea


In Mr Klutz is Nuts A.J hit her with a tennis ball. In Dr. Brad has gone Mad Annette argued with AJ and his dumb, inconvenient friends. In Miss Lazar is Bizarre she said she doesn't understand the 3x tables

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